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High Glycemic Index Foods List (GI > 70)


| GI Food Chart | Low GI Foods | Medium GI Foods | High GI Foods |

Food Type GI Food Type GI
White bread 71 Broad beans 79
Golden Grahams 71 Jelly beans 80
Millet 71 Pretzels 81
**Watermelon 72 Rice Krispies 82
White rolls 73 Potato, micro waved 82
Puffed wheat 74 Cornflakes 83
Corn chips 74 Potato, instant 83
Chips 75 **Potato, baked 85
Waffles 76 Rice pasta, brown 92
Doughnut 76 Baguette 95
Wafer biscuits 77 Parsnips 97
**Rice cakes 77 Dates 103
Weetabix 77    

Notes:  *high in empty calories * *low-calorie and nutritious foods




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