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Spam porn on site - get rid of it!

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Spam porn on site - get rid of it!

Postby blaunt » Sat Feb 28, 2009 11:14 pm

I just found some porn (spam) which is listed in Greek letters. Isn't there some way you, moderators, can get rid of it??
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Re: Spam porn on site - get rid of it!

Postby RedRox » Mon Mar 02, 2009 6:01 am

If it is in the Test and Spam forum, then if you look at the top of the list of message titles for who is moderator of that forum, then you will see a different name, Foo, than in all the other forums here. Foo is the board owner and is the only one who can moderate that particular forum. But she doesn't visit here at all, so it is a basically unmoderated forum and it is also why it is called the Test and SPAM forum as it is where SPAM is allowed to be posted according the board rules as set up by the owner.

So in sum, no, there is nothing I can do with the messages in that forum as I have no moderator privileges there. You can try sending a PM to "Foo" but I wouldn't hold my breath on getting a response. I have PMs to her sitting in my outbox from several months ago that she has never picked up.

My suggestion would be not to click on any of the posts in that forum if you don't want to be offended by what is there.
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