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Role of moderators

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Role of moderators

Postby Magna » Tue Oct 15, 2013 5:15 pm

Since we have a number of new members, I just wanted to take a second to explain who the moderators are and what our role is. The thing that makes us moderators is that we have special administrative functions (like deleting spam, moving posts to the right forum, etc.) There are other long-standing members who are not moderators, and whether someone is a moderator or not doesn't mean their opinion is any more or less valuable.

Also, this is an open forum, which means any member can post in any discussion, as long as they stay within the forum rules, and anyone is free to agree or disagree with them. We aren't going to interfere with discussions or conversations unless they violate the rules in some way. The fun part is that you get to have your say, share your ideas, and get support and agreement from others. The sometimes not-so-fun part is that other people can post things you might wish they wouldn't. They get to disagree with you, make remarks you think are silly, post things you don't think are interesting or helpful, and so on. This applies to all members, including moderators.
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