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terrible craving at end of Phase 1

First phase of South Beach Diet

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terrible craving at end of Phase 1

Postby Chills67 » Sun Mar 05, 2017 5:04 am

I began my SBD journey on Feb 13th, planned an extra week from the start. Husband is totally supportive of my choice. Even brings home things from my list often to keep me going. So I had been doing great and strong all through Phase 1. I even went that extra week because I thought I had great will power. Yes, the cravings were there most of the time, but I ate correctly and stood by my choice. Today, as I was about to switch into Phase II, I do not know what went wrong, (maybe yesterday's addition of the no sugar added fudge pops?) but I went totally on a major sugar binge all day. Kind of made me sick and I sure do feel guilty. Should I stay on phase I for a while longer to make up for today? I thought about trying to find a specific sugar detox online somewhere to maybe help with this since SBD didn't seem to help that. Any suggestions? I really do love the SBD and it really is quite easy most of the time.

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Re: terrible craving at end of Phase 1

Postby Magna » Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:23 am

If you've been on phase 1 for 3 weeks it's probably time to move on. Try to figure out why you ran into trouble, if you can, and fix it. Otherwise, just go ahead with phase 2. The early part of phase 2 isn't too much different from phase 1 anyway.
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