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Fighting Gout while staying on track

Health or medical issues related to SB Diet

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Fighting Gout while staying on track

Postby cragar70 » Tue Apr 15, 2008 3:02 am

Hello all. Im new to this message board, while not new to doing the diet.

I personally have been doing my own combination of diet combining the Atkins, SBD and using the glycemic index using mostly low GI foods.

I have been having bouts with gout, this was a primary factor for my restarting my diet when I did 6 weeks ago at 262 lbs. I know I had a combination of risk factors, the right age, overweight and drank to much beer. I quit drinking and have lost 25 lbs and am now 237 lbs.

Im on my 3rd gout attack in 2 months each getting progressively worse in swelling and pain being unable to get a shoe on and barely able to walk, mostly just hobble thru the house. and unable to work for a week at a time.

I wasnt eating all red meats so I dont believe the diet is causing this but I cant be sure. does anyone have any advice on a way to alleviate the symptoms or cure this without the need for all the medicines that arent real body friendly. also so many foods said to be good gout fighters are excessively high in the sugar content. I do drink the black cherry juice 8oz a day, but its very high sugar content cant be very good for my diet progress.

any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Postby frljr3 » Tue Apr 15, 2008 3:19 pm

You need to try prescription drug therapy - diet treatments will not treat gout and there's no reason to put up with the pain and disability.
Allopurinol has to be taken daily - has no side effects - but will largely prevent gout attacks. Indomethacin, taken at the first onset of pain, and about every 2 hours thereafter, will abort attacks in 3-6 hours.
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Postby cragar70 » Wed Apr 16, 2008 5:56 am

Don't get me wrong here, Im on my 3rd different medication from the doctor. however I have no intention at age 38 to go on a medication I have to take every day for the rest of my life when there is probably another option. I figure its just like the high blood pressure was years back, lose some of the extra weight and guess what no need for the medications.

also from everything I have researched those drugs are hard on the liver and kidneys, so its not really without side effects.

I was just hoping someone would have a few specific foods used in there own experiences to go by other than cherries which are out of season and the juice is just so high in sugar i was looking for another option but I guess cherry juice it is for now.
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Postby RedRox » Wed Apr 16, 2008 6:51 am

I worked with a fellow who controlled his gout entirely through diet. He was pretty limited in what he could eat though and it wasn't always SB friendly as I remember it. I'd probably go through the food lists and cross out everything you can't have and work from there and include those off plan items that help alleviate symptoms and try to find a balance between the two.
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Re: Fighting Gout while staying on track

Postby golfingguy » Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:20 am

Bringing back a blast from the past because-
I too have gout, which has been controlled very effectively with allipurinol for the last couple of years. Near the end of P1 I noticed that despite taking the daily medication I was having a relatively small flare up, which was a first while under medication. It persisted for over a day, at which time I took some leftover indomethacin to supress it- and it worked quickly. This morning, one week into P2, I notice the first signs of another bout, which may or may not subside.
I am almost 50 yo, and formerly was an avid beer drinker, however beer is now off the table, of course. I am surprised because I would have thought that this regimen would have beneficial effects in that regard. As I have both the ongoing med and the anti-inflammatory for flare ups it is not a big deal at the moment. I am curious if others have had similar reactions?
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Re: Fighting Gout while staying on track

Postby nisa0130 » Thu Mar 23, 2017 4:23 pm

I have had gout for several years now. Though only recently diagnosed, I was misdiagnosed at the ER many times and by my foot Dr. as Sprains and Strains.
My gout, though mostly my fault, bad diet, too much alcohol, smoking, obesity, and not working out, is also hereditary. I am thankful for my current Dr. though I hate taking the drugs, allopurinol 300mg has worked for me and I can eat or drink whatever I want. If I ever feel a twinge of gout coming on I take a mitigare (colchicine) and sometimes along side a dose of the steroid pack Methyprednisoline. this stops my gout in it's tracks. These meds have been a God send.

I to have had weeks where I am either crawling around my house, or wheeling around in my office chair at home because I cannot walk, but I have been gout free for a month and am ready to make changes.

Sometimes the medical regime is necessary, even if you only do it short term because who can work out when you can't bend your big toes, or walk on your ankle!

I ordered the SouthBeach Diet meal plan off their website and it is suppose to arrive today.
The portions are small, so I am not worried about the meat consumption, I have also heard the food is really good and there are quite a few veggies.

I will post back if my gout flares up after starting this diet, I cannot imagine though because doing this, is still 100% better than what I was doing before.

One step at a time!
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Re: Fighting Gout while staying on track

Postby nisa0130 » Thu Mar 23, 2017 4:28 pm

What is your dose of Allopurinol? Just curious. Mine is 300mg per day.
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